Music Trivia Questions And AnswersMusic Trivia Questions And Answers

Think you’re a maestro when it comes to musical knowledge? Then test yourself against this set of music trivia questions and answers.

Be warned though, they cover the whole range of music so you’ll have to be good!

Q. Who was the lead singer of the 1980’s pop group Culture Club? Reveal Answer
A. Boy George.
Q. Whose 2013 world tour was called “The Mrs Carter Show”? Reveal Answer
A. Beyonce.
Q. Which type of wood did the Beatles sing about? Reveal Answer
A. Norwegian Wood.
Q. Who composed The Four Seasons? Reveal Answer
A. Antonio Vivaldi.
Q. Who had a hit in the 1970’s with his song Piano Man? Reveal Answer
A. Billy Joel.
Q. Which pop singer’s real name is Robyn Fenty? Reveal Answer
A. Rihanna.
Q. Which American singer died as a result of anorexia in 1983, aged just 32? Reveal Answer
A. Karen Carpenter.
Q. What was Elvis Presley’s first U.S. number one hit single on the Billboard Hot 100 charts? Reveal Answer
A. Heartbreak Hotel.
Q. Joe Cocker had a 1969 hit with his cover of which Beatles song? Reveal Answer
A. With A Little Help From My Friends.
Q. Whose nickname came from the term “satchel mouth”? Reveal Answer
A. Louis Armstrong (Satchmo).
Q. Which British 1980’s pop group took their name from a mad scientist in the movie Barbarella? Reveal Answer
A. Duran Duran.
Q. How is American singer Michael Lee Aday better known? Reveal Answer
A. Meatloaf.
Q. How many strings does a violin have? Reveal Answer
A. Four.
Q. Which country singer wrote Patsy Cline’s hit Crazy? Reveal Answer
A. Willie Nelson.
Q. Which Rolling Stones guitarist was found dead in a swimming pool in 1969? Reveal Answer
A. Brian Jones.
Q. Who rose to fame with the hit song I Kissed A Girl? Reveal Answer
A. Katy Perry.
Q. Michael Stipe is the lead singer of which rock group? Reveal Answer
Q. In Gustav Holst’s The Planets, which planet is the Bringer of Old Age? Reveal Answer
A. Saturn.
Q. The hit singles Woman In Love (Barbra Streisand), Chain Reaction (Diana Ross), Islands In The Stream (Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton), and Heartbreaker (Dionne Warwick) were all written by which pop group? Reveal Answer
A. The Bee Gees.
Q. Which pop star played 27 different instruments on their debut album For You? Reveal Answer
A. Prince.
Q. Who was the first country artist to sell over 10 million copies of an album? Reveal Answer
A. Garth Brooks.
Q. What was the name of the first lead singer of AC/DC, who died in 1980 at the age of 33? Reveal Answer
A. Bon Scott.
Q. Who had a 1981 hit with the song 9 To 5 from the film of the same name? Reveal Answer
A. Dolly Parton.
Q. Name the four members of The Monkees? Reveal Answer
A. Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork.
Q. Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain were all what age when they died? Reveal Answer
A. 27.
Q. The sackbut was an early form of which musical instrument? Reveal Answer
A. Trombone.
Q. How is Robert Zimmerman better known? Reveal Answer
A. Bob Dylan.

Music Trivia Questions

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