Lame Jokes

Really Lame JokesPerhaps it’s just us, but there’s something hilarious about really lame jokes. Maybe it’s because they’re just so terribly bad that you just have to laugh – otherwise you’d probably cry!

Whatever the reason, we love them. And so here’s all our favorite lame jokes just for you… Try and enjoy them!

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Wanna Hear A Joke

Worst Jokes Ever

We think these jokes might just be the worst jokes ever. We’ve evaluated thousands of jokes in our quest to bring you the funniest jokes around, and these are the worst we’ve found. They’re truly groan-worthy but we thought we’d share them with you on a dedicated page of their own. Enjoy! (If you can…) […]

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Bad Jokes So Bad They're Funny

Bad Jokes That You Can’t Help Laughing At

Some bad jokes are so bad you just have to laugh. And as laughter is our favorite thing, we’ve gathered together the best (the worst?) really bad jokes for you. And we mean really bad! We bet you still laugh though. So enjoy these bad jokes… Really Bad Jokes You Have To Laugh At Really Bad […]

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Funny Short Joke

Really Bad Puns So Awful You Have To Laugh

Really bad puns are hilarious! And there are really bad puns and then there are these really, really bad puns! Sometimes something is so bad you just have to laugh, and here we have the perfect examples of awfully bad puns for you. Enjoy! And if you do, you can find more punny jokes here. Really […]

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