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Funny JokesFunnyGuns is all about funny jokes and anything that makes us laugh – we believe that laughter makes the world go round; the world would be a much duller place without a sense of humor, wouldn’t it? And when it comes to jokes, they don’t come any funnier than these great collections.

So enjoy browsing these fantastic funny jokes, we hope you get as much fun and laughter from them as we do.

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Good And Funny Comebacks To Insults

Good Comebacks

Arm yourself with these funny comebacks and never lose a battle of insults again!

Donald Trump Jokes

Donald Trump Jokes

Whatever your opinion of The Donald, he’s certainly livened up the political scene. And these Trump jokes are hilarious!

Really Corny Jokes

Cheesy, Corny Jokes

Only the cheesiest, corniest jokes in this collection. They’re so bad you just have to laugh!

Funny Maths Jokes

Math Jokes

You can count on these math jokes being rib-ticklingly funny. To sum up these jokes, they’re hilarious!

Funny Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock Jokes

Knock knock! Who’s there? A huge collection of funny knock knock jokes!

Funny Golf Jokes And HumorGolf Jokes

Our driving ambition to make you laugh meant the quality of these funny golf jokes was a fore-gone conclusion!

Funny Anti Jokes

Anti Jokes

If you want an alternative to all the funny jokes, check out these anti jokes instead. They shouldn’t be funny but they are!

A collection of really bad Dad jokes

Bad Dad Jokes

Dad’s are renowned for their awful jokes. And these Dad jokes are the finest examples. So bad they’re good!

Tell Me A Joke - Funny Jokes To Tell

Tell Me A Joke

If you like your jokes short, sharp and fast then visit our Tell Me A Joke page. Every time you click on the button, you’ll get a new random joke from our huge collection.

A collection of hilarious and inoffensive Mexican jokes.

Mexican Jokes

No Juan could be upset by these inoffensive but hilariously funny Mexican jokes!

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A collection of anti jokes that shouldn't be funny, but are!

Anti Jokes

Anti jokes are jokes where the listener is set up to expect a funny punchline but the joke doesn’t deliver it. So they shouldn’t be funny, right? Wrong!!! They’re hilarious!

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Funny Confucius Say Jokes

Confucius Say Jokes

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher credited with many wise sayings. And now, of course, there are many so-called Confucius Say jokes that take the same form as his actual quotes. And as we love funny stuff like that, we’ve gathered together all the finest examples here.

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Cute Jokes And Puns

Cute Jokes And Puns

Everyone loves cute jokes and puns; it’s impossible not to! And they don’t get any cuter than these pun-tastic examples.

And as they’re suitable for all the family, you can all enjoy this collection of cute jokes and puns together.

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Tell Me A Joke

Tell Me A Joke

Looking for a good joke to tell? Click on the “Tell Me A Joke” button to see a random joke from our huge collection of funny jokes and one liners!

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