Bible Trivia Questions And AnswersBible Trivia Questions And Answers

Test your knowledge with these Bible trivia questions and answers. Get together with your friends and have a challenge or just try them on your own.

Whichever way you choose, we hope you enjoy them.

Q. How many books are there in the New Testament? Reveal Answer
A. 27.
Q. At Jesus’ crucifixion what did the soldiers place on his head? Reveal Answer
A. A crown of thorns.
Q. Who were the first two apostles to follow Jesus? Reveal Answer
A. Peter and Paul.
Q. Which of the apostles doubted Jesus’ resurrection until he saw him for himself? Reveal Answer
A. Thomas.
Q. Who was thrown into the lion’s den by Darius? Reveal Answer
A. Daniel.
Q. Who was swallowed by a great fish after being thrown overboard? Reveal Answer
A. Jonah.
Q. How many people did Jesus feed with five loaves and two fish? Reveal Answer
A. 5,000.
Q. After Jesus crucifixion, who took his body down from the cross? Reveal Answer
A. Joseph of Arimathea.
Q. What did Jesus do forty days after his resurrection? Reveal Answer
A. He ascended into heaven.
Q. Before he became King, what was David’s job? Reveal Answer
A. He was a shepherd.
Q. Jesus was baptized in the water of which river? Reveal Answer
A. The River Jordan.
Q. Moses helped the Israelites escape from which country? Reveal Answer
A. Egypt.
Q. Which Biblical figure was prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac on an altar? Reveal Answer
A. Abraham.
Q. Name the author of the Book of Revelation. Reveal Answer
A. John.
Q. After she danced for Herod, what gift did Salome request? Reveal Answer
A. The head of John the Baptist.
Q. How many plagues did God inflict upon Egypt? Reveal Answer
A. 10.
Q. What occupation did Simon Peter hold before he became an apostle? Reveal Answer
A. Fisherman.
Q. Jesus was born in which town? Reveal Answer
A. Bethlehem.
Q. The Israelites wandered in the wilderness for how many years? Reveal Answer
A. 40.
Q. Who was the first Christian martyr? Reveal Answer
A. Stephen.
Q. Which disciple betrayed Jesus? Reveal Answer
A. Judas Iscariot.
Q. In which garden did Jesus pray before his arrest? Reveal Answer
A. Gethsemane.
Q. What was the name of the angel who told Mary she would give birth to Jesus? Reveal Answer
A. Gabriel.
Q. What was the first bird that Noah let go from the Ark? Reveal Answer
A. A raven.
Q. When Judas betrayed Jesus, how did he identify him to the soldiers? Reveal Answer
A. He kissed him.
Q. According to the Old Testament, on what day did God create man? Reveal Answer
A. The 6th day.
Q. How many books does the Old Testament have? Reveal Answer
A. 39.
Q. After his resurrection, to whom did Jesus appear first? Reveal Answer
A. Mary Magdalene.
Q. From which part of Adam’s body did God create Eve? Reveal Answer
A. His rib.
Q. What miracle did Jesus perform at the marriage at Cana? Reveal Answer
A. He turned water into wine.
Q. The walls of which city fell down after the priests blew their trumpets? Reveal Answer
A. Jericho.
Q. According to the Book of Exodus, what is kept in the Ark of the Covenant? Reveal Answer
A. The stone tablets of the Ten Commandments.

Bible Trivia Questions And Answers

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